Cronin and Henninger Finally Beat Proctor

Dylan Burkhardt

Ben Cronin in Sectional ChampionshipAfter losing to Proctor six games in a row, Henninger’s fate looked bleak headed into today’s sectional final. The pre-game hype was evident with local Syracuse writers predicting an “instant classic“. Henninger’s only two losses this year were to Proctor but this time around Henninger got the last laugh with the 57-41 victory (as Tommy Amaker would say, it’s hard to beat a team three times). Cronin had 10 points and 16 rebounds for Henninger. Syracuse bound (football) Proctor star Deandre Preaster had a game high 21 points but it was not enough. It was definetely a big win for Henninger, and individually for Ben. In his interview after Henninger’s last win Cronin said that he wanted to play Proctor because he needed to beat them and he got it done. Congrats Ben, Henninger advanced to play in the regional finals next Saturday. Watch video of the game from WTVH here (Click ‘Watch the Story’).

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  • matt

    Cronin looks pretty bulky. Thats a good sign, because I was hearin he was a skinny cat, like Epke.

  • BenAA

    Anyone have any video on Ben? I have been looking all over and haven’t found much.


  • old fan

    That might be a photo which enhances his bulkiness. I am not certian that bulk is his strong suit, but he could probably grow quite a bit. I would love to see more photos to see how he has developed in the past few years. I would certainly like to see more than 10 points but a good win for him.

    Can someone remind me what type of competition that he is playing against (size of school, etc..)? I was under the impression that these are fairly small. He should be dominating at his size, but again he seems like he has alot of potential. Looking forward to having him. Ekpe and him could be a good defensive duo.

  • There are some Cronin videos in some of the old articles linked to the TV station news reports (click watch the story).

    He seems like a much more solid kid than Ekpe and I really don’t know what we are gonna get from him. It’s class AA which I THINK is the highest class in New York? But I’m not sure.

    Daniel West, PG from Saginaw committed to Tennessee this weekend.

  • Justin

    Does he have a jump shot or is he more of a traditional center?

  • Traditional center from what I understand.

  • matt

    I dont think we were interested in West, but man does Pearl have a Michigan pipeline or what?

  • Yeah we didn’t have huge interest but Bruce is definetely all over Michigan. This will be one of those kids down the road that everyone says “how did he get away”.

    Luckily we managed to keep Manny out of Bruce’s grasp…

    EDIT: I added the Ben video link to the end of the post. There’s just one clip I think of Ben getting an offensive board and a layup as well as some clips of the rest of the team. He’s a big boy.

  • old fan

    Cronin looks like he has a much bigger frame than I thought. Looks like he could fill out, however his funky uniform made it difficult to tell. Really skinny arms, but seems to be broader than expected.