Game 27: Michigan @ Penn State: Pre-Game

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan is looking to bounce back after last weeks embarrassing home loss to Northwestern. The rest will surely help, the team looked to have very tired legs after playing 3 games in 6 days. The last Penn State win started Michigan’s late season positive momentum and made Beilein’s squad appear to be headed the right direction. A win at Penn State is Michigan’s last chance for a series sweep against any other teams in the Big Ten, it also is a chance to move up in the conference standings. Michigan is currently in a three way tie with Penn State and Iowa with 5 wins.

Penn State recently scrapped out a big home victory against Iowa which came down to the final seconds and has proven to be a formidable team at home with wins against MSU, Iowa and Illinois. The fact remains that this is a depleted Penn State team without Claxton, not to mention a banged up Cornely. The threats in the backcourt are Pringle and Battle, both of whom scored in doubt digits last game.

Michigan won the last contest by out shooting Penn State, one of the few times that has happened all year. Michigan shot 54% to Penn States 36% (box score). Anthony Wright, DeShawn and Manny had solid games for Michigan although the turnover/assist numbers from the first meeting are a bit scary. Manny had 1 assist to 5 turnovers and the team as a whole had 11 assists and 14 turnovers.

UMHoops Prediction: Michigan 66 – Penn State 64 — The Wolverine domination of Penn State continues. Let’s hear the predictions.

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  • Hey, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your website. It is nice to have a blogger covering Michigan basketball. Thanks, keep it up.

  • josh

    i dont know about this one….. I think having a long rest will help us out though and we win a close one……..


    Penn St.-62

  • joe s

    PSU is tough at home im saying PSU- 65 UM- 59
    but hoping for a w

  • Manny has hit a couple big threes. His shot is on today, lets hope he can bring it all game.

  • BenAA

    Lots of fouls early- Do not want

    (Also- I wish BTN’s play-by-play on their site auto-refreshed)

  • Our offense is pretty much non-existent besides Manny who has been out of the game for a few minutes. We need to make a run before the half.

  • BenAA

    Dylan, you watching BTN or online somewhere?

  • Ekpe just got his third foul on a loose ball rebound. Ouch. Beilein got t’d up.

  • A couple offensive fouls on PSU after Beilein’s T.


  • Big Ten Network.

  • A ton of offensive fouls in this one. Michigan made a nice run but PSU struck back with a 6-0 run.

  • Some big shots by Grady we are back in this.

  • Too huge threes for PSU after a terrible Kelvin Grady entry pass. Turned a 2pt Mich lead into a 4 pt PSU lead.

  • BenAA

    Woah. PSU is raining threes.

  • Game over. PSU is not missing from three.

  • BenAA
  • hat

    DeShawn Sims . . . WTF? The guy’s totally not shown up for a few games in a row now. Could he at least choose to mail it in against teams we have no chance of beating?

  • Nothing from Peedi. He’s got no heart. I’ll post thoughts in the morning.

  • Chris

    So, what was Beilein’s technical for? I missed that. It was during the stretch that it seemed they were calling everyone for everything, including looking at each other funny.

  • loose ball/offensive foul on ekpe.