Offensive Rebounds

Dylan Burkhardt

Rough loss for the women’s team tonight to Wisconsin 69-67. Michigan led by as much as 20 points and still managed to let the game slip away. As you can see from Borseth’s reaction, Michigan got out rebounded 40-33 (23-7 offensive rebounds). This was enough to cost Michigan the game even though they out shot Wisconsin 51% to 34%.Carly BensonThe loss will probably cost Michigan an NCAA tournament bid but it has still been a very successful first season for Borseth and the Wolverines. They beat Michigan State for the first time in six years (nine games) in front of a record 5,596 people (more people than have been at many mens games this year). They also probably will finish with a winning record in the BigTen as well. Not to mention winning 3 road games in the Big Ten (at Wisconsin, Northwestern and Illinois). Hopefully they can scrape together a few more wins and make some noise in the Big Ten Tournament to reach the NCAA tournament. Or at least get a few offensive rebounds.

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  • hoosierine

    Thanks for this update. I probably wouldn’t bother to watch most UM women’s hoops games, but I am interested to hear they are turning things around and the new coach is making an impact already. Isn’t the attendance thing proof that UM really is hungry for a successful basketball program? If more people are showing up to a decent women’s team than the men’s, I think that means that we really could be a “basketball” school if Beilein brings some success and excitement.

  • Chris

    The offensive rebounding was terrible, but the officiating was ridiculous. My kid said, “That gray haired ref just doesn’t like us.” As Borseth says in the video, they called the most ticky-tacky crap on Michigan, and there were Wisconsin players (33 and 44 most notably) slamming players like they were at Yost.

    The crowd was small, but totally into the game.

  • Chris

    Oh, and lots of guys from the men’s team were there — Wright, Merritt (with a big bag of ice on his knee in the second half), Sims, Lee, Harris, Coleman, Shepherd, probably others. They noticeably deflated during the second half, in sympathy I guess.

  • Steve

    I saw in a recent Free Press article that they wrote “The womens team has outdrawn the men’s team for attendance”

    Well, if there really are less than 500 people at Men’s basketball games, then yes, they have outdrawn the men.

    For the home game vs. MSU, they did get 6500 people there, which packed the lower bowl… but definitely have not outdrawn the men’s team.

  • Bryan

    What a loser. Why would anyone want to play for this bafoon?

  • Chris

    How seriously should we take a loser who can’t even spell buffoon?

  • BenAA


    Do you follow the program at all? Or just make snap judgments based on one instance?

    Borseth is a great coach. While, I don’t agree with the way he acted fully (maybe a talking to by Martin is in order).

    But, he is certainly not a loser or a “bafoon”.

  • Chris

    Seriously, just yesterday the guy from College RPI was on the Big Ten Network saying that if Michigan won their last two games and took a game at the Big Ten tournament, they would likely get an NCAA tournament bid. Michigan! Going to the dance! And you wonder why anyone would want to play for him??

  • BenAA

    A loser?

    187-58 @ W-GB and 16-11 @ Michigan.

    Scoreboard, Bryan.

  • JR

    So he’s pissed. Big deal. Why is this news ? Do we prefer cliche press conferences or real people ?

    Good for him.

  • hoosierine

    For the record, I was suggesting that the women’s team normally draws better than the men. I was just pointing out the fact that if a women’s team is even able to approach a men’s game attendence, then it means people are pretty desperate to watch winning basketball.

  • hoosierine

    Unfortunate typo. “For the record, I was NOT suggesting that…”

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  • HoopsFan

    My problem isn’t his whining about the refs, it’s throwing a player (Cooper) under the bus. I think he owe the university an apology. It’s called losing with class. I didn’t Wisky’s coach flying off the handle in the last game when Big Blue stole a road win.

  • sv

    We’ll take him back in GB if anyone at Michigan doesn’t want him. Maybe he could coach the lousy boys team here.

  • Chris

    Did you watch the game, or just the postgame video? It was hardly throwing Cooper under the bus to mention the fact they had one chance left with less than a minute to go and she threw it into the courtside seats. That was the “Oh &%*#!, we’re doomed!” moment for me, although watching the lead drain away all through the half was disheartening. (My kid mentioned that they announce that inappropriate language is not acceptable, and I shouldn’t say “Oh &%$#!*!” at Crisler Arena.)

    It wasn’t the play that lost the game, but it was the one where they could have realistically scraped out the win.

  • Wow. Tony K. just said Borseth should be fired. A little harsh Tony.

    Then a nice rip by the SC anchors “Who knew Michigan even had a good womens basketball team, they have a better record than the men at least”.

    Ouch. Truth hurts I guess.

  • Curt

    Was a huge fan of Borseth for years at UWGB…the one thing that was always a constant was that he was always down and full of angst about how the team was doing (even if they were winning the conference by a landslide).

    This is his M.O., and he has been very successful with it. Michigan got a heckuva coach, and my guess would be that this is going to have a positive effect on the team.

  • John Minks

    Kevin Borseth is as good of a coach as exists in women’s basketball. Michigan is fortunate to have him.

  • Lollercaustic

    This clip was very offensive.

  • um losers

    One would think that college coaches could learn from each others mistakes (ie slap happy John L Smith and drunken Gary Moeller). Remember that while you’re making a fool of yourself you’re also representing your university and thus shouldn’t expect to keep your job for long. Of course UofM is really just a corporate athletic department and not really the elite academic institution that they claim – so maybe this wasn’t an embarassment but rather a clever merchandising gimmick.

  • Skully

    For anyone bashing Coach Borseth. This is him being a real person. Watch the entire press conference. Not just the editted version shown by ESPN and other entities. And then tell me if you feel the same way.

  • tundraguy

    I have watched Borseth and his teams for years. Great guy…if only more coaches had the passion for the game and their players collegiate sports would be better…as for all the nonsense about an apology…to whom? for what?…being honest?
    Just stand back and watch that program flourish…

  • Greg

    Michigan Fans:

    You are very fortunate to have a coach the caliber of Kevin Borseth at Michigan. If you haven’t been to a womens game, I would suggest attending one because Coach Borseth is half of the entertainment. He is one of the most passionate coaches in womens basketball today in this country – bar none!

    Those of you who poke fun at this press conference just don’t have an understanding of who Kevin Borseth is or his personality. For those of us here in Green Bay who were lucky enough to see him coach were not surprised by this burst of emotion. He didn’t have any press conferences that I remember like this in Green Bay because they generally always won. I understand his frustrations being on the tournament bubble and then losing to Wisconsin by 2 points. I would have been frustrated. Wisconsin also looked past him a few times in coaching searches – Do you think that might also have been a factor?

  • old fan

    On benefit is a record high number of comments on Maybe it was a conspiracy. Dylan, I didn’t know you had such pull. Even if it is because of desperate souls looking for ways to pull down Michigan’s athletic program (we are looking at you “um loser”, it is good to see people taking notice.

    He must be one hell of a coach to have such a turn around in one year.

  • Haha yea, get linked on and the haters will come out in full force.

    It’s encouraging to see the UW-GB fans so impressed with Borseth and he clearly has the team on the right direction. Even if he is a little emotional.

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  • BenAA

    Woah! Congrats! Linked on I am impressed, Dylan. Brian @ MGoBlog is probably green with envy.

  • Haha. I’m sure Brian is not green with envy. He was nice enough to pass a couple links along over here and MGoBlog is still massive compared to our little party. :-)

  • NYC

    It’s only a game

  • Ollie

    Whats up with these people calling this video offensive?. It shows a guy who has passion and cares about his team and his job. Good on him. Better than the cliched crap. Good on him!.

  • GoodActor

    Don’t let it upset you so much – only about 3K people were there and after all it is womens basketball and nobody gives a damn!

  • J Fizzle

    I can’t believe there are 30+ comments on this issue. I didn’t know there were 30 people in the entire country who cared about women’s basketball…

  • Scott Renfro

    Love the passion! I’d take him as the coach of my team anyday. Sounds like the officials won this one for Wisconsin.

  • TK

    It was like a funeral here when Borseth left UWGB for the Big Blue. He got a chance to coach his favorite team as a child. From what I’ve seen, he hasn’t changed since going big time. He complained about the same stuff at GB, but knew his team was undersized, so maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal to him. He still broke clipboards, kicked chairs, and pushed water coolers down when he was coach here. All of a sudden he’s in the big lights and people expect him to change. Why? that fire got him 9 straight conference championship (10 if you include the fact that all the players at GB that won this year are his) and 2 wins in the tourney despite being a mid-major without the resources of a Michigan. If you’re against Borseth because he acted out and demands the best, then fine you know what, fire him. As good as Bollant has been for us, I’d put my tuition check on him being rehired in an instant. And I’m out of state, so thats a nice chunk of change.

  • Bob

    THIS is what people pay for on the Big 10 Network?

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