Recruiting Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt
  • 6-11 power forward Mason Plumlee verballed to Duke. This one was showing signs of being over once he raved about his visit to Duke. Plumlee also scored a team high 15 points in the North Carolina 3-A State championship win for the Greenies.
  • Nice piece on Zack Novak and his father’s battle with cancer. Novak led Chesterton with 23 points and 9 boards in a win over Crown Point to wrap up their first ever outright conference title.
  • Kyle CassityKyle Cassity put up a solid double double with 15 points and 16 boards in a win over Harrisburg to advance to Friday’s sectional final. St. Louis headman Rick Majerus was in the house watching Kyle play.
  • Corey Person and K-Zoo Central have advanced to Friday’s district final as well, Person scored 9 points in the easy victory over Portage Northern.
  • David Curletti, another potential walk on, scored 26 points in Orchard Lake St. Mary’s win over Birmingham Groves. Dion Sims was reportedly a non-factor and John Beilein was in the house. OLSM also rolled over PSL-champ Northwestern in the opening rounds of distrcits (Sims 30pts, Curletti 18)
  • The talk down in Bloomington is that Tony Bennett might be the guy, although Washington State fans say no chance. Could Klay Thompson end up back on the board? Thompson recently scored a career high 40 points (5 3pfg) and had 8 assists. The reports were glowing about Klay at open-gym on his visit and he sounds like a guy that could come in and play from day 1.
  • Donald Stewart is reportedly receiving Michigan interest. This is the first I have heard of Stewart who is averaging 16.3 points, 6 rebounds, 2.5 steals, and 2.4 assists.
  • Andy BrownJordan Morgan and U-D Jesuit got blown out by Detroit Pershing and 2010 standout Keith Appling. Rumor has it that it will be tough for Michigan to get a sniff of Appling and this is pretty believable. A.W. Canada has not been around Crisler this year, let the PSL recruiting debate rage on. Ekpe and Manny were in the house as well.
  • Mater Dei junior forward Andy Brown had 25 points and 8 boards in a 70-61 win. Brown is definetely one to watch in the class of 2009.
  • BenAA


    This has been the first year that I have really ever been “into” recruiting. After a bit of surfing I saw that Juwan Howard Jr plays in Detroit. Any chance of him showing up in AA? Or does MSU have him locked?

  • matt

    Do we have a legitamite shot at Andy Brown?

  • The Oracle

    Probably too early to tell on Brown. He’s been playing 3rd fiddle behind the twins going to UNC that are both 5 stars…wait until the rest of the PAC 10 gets in on him…I’d say it’s going to be really tough to get him out of the west.

  • Tim

    Davide Curletti is planning to walk on at Michigan.

  • @BenAA: I have not heard much about Juwan Howard Jr. I know he has been up to EL for a couple games but don’t know much else.

    @matt: We are one of the first ones in on him if I am not mistaken but as The Oracle says he is behind the Ware twins and if he blows up it could be hard to pull him from the Pac10.

    @Tim: Thanks, that’s what I understood but wasn’t sure if it was all worked out.

  • Colby

    Hey Dylan, wondering what your email address is? I wanted to drop you a line.

  • matt

    could you explain the jordan morgan post more? Not sure what you meant other than he lost?

  • Colby: – it’s right in the top right corner of the site.

    Matt- Morgan’s team got blown out by Pershing. Keith Appling is a 2010 stand out guard on Pershing. Just saying that it already appears that Michigan has practically no shot at Appling… MSU or out of state.

  • Justin

    Is the Juwan Howard Jr. you guys are talking about son of THE Juwan Howard or just a random coincidence? If so, why wouldnt we be the team to beat?

  • Mason

    Per Rivals, Curletti has committed to Northwestern as of yesterday.

  • Yup Curletti won’t be walking on. Headed to NW. They grabbed Marcotullio (09 shooter from DeLaSalle) and Curletti (OLSM) in one week. Looks like the Catholic league is breeding grounds for NW. Of course we will have to see what happens with Carmody. 1-14 coaches don’t typically stay long.

  • Mason

    I think Carmody will be around for awhile. While his record may not seem impressive he’s been the most successful coach in school history.

  • matt

    If IU gets Bennet, the B10 is in great shape for the future.

  • BenAA

    Ebuka Anyaorah article. This article is behind Rivals access control, but free on yahoo!.

    Yahoo! link

    (not sure if I can use html in wordpress comments)

  • Nice find. Big visit weekend next weekend for Ebuka, need to pull the upset over Purdue. BTW: Robbie Hummell is a baller.

  • alex

    if we tried to get Juwan Howard Jr he probably would come