Game 26: Northwestern @ Michigan: Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

Ant Wright After Losing To NWThere is really nothing positive to say after this game. A bad Northwestern team came into Crisler and just kicked our butts, There is no doubt that we came out flat and complacent in the first half. And Moore was on fire the entire game, kid was just raining threes, but that was just an inexcusable loss. As a couple people said in comments before the game, this one had all the signs of an upset.

It has been a painful season and we really shouldn’t have expected anything less than a loss to Northwestern honestly. The only positive spin I can put on this game is that it teaches this team a good lesson about bringing it every night. You better believe that we will bring 100% effort against Northwestern next year.

DeShawn Sims appeared to get it for a bit in the last stretch of game but something just isn’t there and its pretty clear that he just doesn’t have the motor. Manny is great but the turnovers are really killing this team, I’m confident he will get it straightened out but some of them are just awful. Ant Wright, our “shooter”, is not making shots even wide open ones. The only player who really played well was CJ Lee who helped get us back in the game at all.

This article about the state of the program pretty much sums it up for me. We have a LONG ways to go and it isn’t gonna be pretty.

Stuart Douglass and his Carmel team survived an upset bid in the first round of sectionals on a very rough shooting night. Stu led the team with 15 points.

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  • BenAA

    The closing turnover last night from Manny was deja vu from the Wisconson game.

    We had a chance to win- and blew it.

    Also, Dylan- what are your thoughts on John not calling a time out to set up the last play? There was something like 11 seconds on the clock and we had 2 timeouts.

  • I was shocked he didn’t call timeout. Actually wanted to mention that in my post. I guess they were trying to catch them off balance in transition but I really didn’t like the way they played that. Then again if Ant hits that three….

  • The Oracle

    No matter what kind of play you set up in a timeout, you’re not going to get a better look than AW got.

  • I’ll have to go back and look at it but at the game it seemed like a contested three. Not sure how great of a shot that is. It wasn’t a bad shot but didn’t seem like a great one.

  • The Oracle

    Yeah, you have to go back and look…wide open.

  • UMbballDC

    That was a really disappointing game. I was listening on the computer so I don’t know how good a three point attempt that last shot was, but it was surprising that there was no timeout called.

    In the article about the state of the program you linked to, it is surprising to hear that Coach is surprised about the inconsistent play. For me (as a die hard fan), inconsistent play is the calling card of Michigan basketball. And this dates back until at least the Fab Five era. They always seemed to play down to their competition.

  • BenAA

    @ The Oracle, I wouldn’t call it wide open. But, it was a good look.

    I would have preferred John calling a time out and a set two-point play called.

    But, in hindsight, this stuff is easy.

    @UMbballDC- I agree- The Michigan football team and basketball team are both guilty of playing down to their opponents. And, it makes me sick :(

  • The Oracle

    Well, he was open and he was in rhythm…can’t argue with the look.

    As far as consistency goes, I hear a lot of M fans talk about this and frankly, I think it’s more because we follow Michigan and we notice it. Look around…inconsistency plagues every college team.

  • BenAA

    The Oracle is right. Inconsistency plagues every college team…especially a very young time, like ours.

  • NVE

    That’s about as disappointing as a loss can be for a team with no postseason aspirations.

    There was a distinct ‘turn the corner’ feeling after that 2nd half vs. Iowa and the OSU game. The team put together 3 straight, really good halves. I do think we were blinded by the fact that Iowa played unbelievably badly for 30 minutes of their game, and OSU played pretty average against what amounts to our best shot.

    Since then we’ve played 25 decent minutes vs. Minnesota, a sub par game vs. Illinois (great D, terrible O), and a terrible game vs. Northwestern. So, lost amidst the excitement of actually winning some games is the fact that we are still not playing consistently well over entire games, with OSU being the exception.

    Deshawn Sims is the biggest disappointment. His performance against OSU was fool’s gold because he had his best 3 point shooting night ever, and I think that led him to believe he’s a great outside shooter. He’s not, and needs to figure out what his game is going to be if he’s a #2 or #3 options for us the rest of his career.

    It’s hard to fault any other individuals on the roster because they’re all being asked to do too much. For a guy like Manny, he’s simply pushing because he knows he’s the best player we have. For a guy like Ant, he’s in a role where he’s taking game winning shots when all we should be asking of him is to hit a couple open 3s a game as a 4th or 5th option. CJ Lee was our best player yesterday, and he needs to be our 7th or 8th man.

    All that aside, there is progress. We went down 19 early on against a team that has been playing better, and fought back to have a chance to win while playing our worst game. A month ago we lose by double digits (Parts one vs. Iowa, Minnesota).

    This team has a chance to make a statement vs. PSU buy stealing that road game and putting these past couple games behind them.

    Hopefully this is all still a building block towards the NIT next year and the Dance in ’10.

  • Mat

    Anyone able to explain why we didn’t foul after the last miss, with about 5 seconds left on the clock? They miss one of their two shots, we call a time out and we’re still able to try and force OT.

  • The Oracle

    Yup, pretty much spot on. Nothing against the guys we have because they are all trying their asses off…but CJ should be about our 4th or 5th guard and next year he will be depending on what other guy we get for 08. Wright should be a 7th man type, which he will be next year. We’ll have a ton more flexibility next year as we’ll be able to go 3 guards at any time with all of them having the ability to shoot and score. We haven’t had that at any one time this year.

    I’m talking baby steps here…if we can get to the NIT next year and NCAA by ’10, that’ll be about what I was expecting.

  • Mat – we tried to foul but nw threw the ball down the court to run out the clock

  • UMbballDC

    Here is my ridiculously optimistic prediction for the next two seasons:

    Next year we ride on the bubble for the NCAA tourny all year, but ultimately fall short and end up in the NIT.

    Then in the next year, we win the Big Ten and make our triumphant return to the NCAA tourny with a #1 seed!!!

  • The Oracle

    Uhhh yeeaahhh…I would call that optimistic.

  • RB

    Does anybody know if the basketball team will be using the the football team’s strength and conditioning coach to any extent? I think Beilein said they did a little of that at WV.

  • The Oracle

    I believe they are.

  • BenAA

    RB- I have had that same thought. I wondered what our access is to Barwis. These twigs need to buff up.

  • UMbballDC

    Here is how I rationalize my prediction.

    If you think about our roster two years from now, I think it looks really good. Thus, I don’t think it is unreasonable for us to think that we can compete for a Big Ten title. And if you win the Big Ten, you’ve got a legit shot at a #1 seed.

    Would anyone else like a pair of my rose colored glasses?

  • hat

    Barwis is the athletic department’s S&C guy (as Gittleson was), not just the football program’s.

    Beilein distrusted Gittleson’s methods so much that he took control of the BB program’s S&C himself, presumably to implement something like what Barwis ran at WVU. Of course, it will be better still to have Barwis himself running the show.

  • hat

    On the (non-)timeout, one thing to remember is that when you call a TO, you also give the defense a chance to get set up. People forget that side of it. As it happened, we pushed the ball, NW wasn’t very set and Wright escaped his defender. He rushed the shot a bit, though.

  • old fan

    Most probably know this, but the bigten network has great highlight packages of the games. Good video of the Wright three.

    My take is that the three was a good look. A timeout wouldn’t have helped. However, it is alot to ask Wright to make that shot though. We forget where he was in his development even a month ago. It just highlights the shortcoming of our team. I don’t know who I want to take that shot at this point. Does the timeout somehow allow us to bring in a veteran shooter off the bench, because that was what was needed. The scheme was right, the personnel was not.

    In a year he makes that shot and Manny doesn’t have the turnover.

    Also, I want Sims to develop faster too, but look at where he was last year. We have to keep things in perspective. The development is there from last year. Compared to last game, the development wasn’t pretty but compared to last year, things are looking up.

  • old fan

    In my defense, my Mac initially wouldn’t show the video that Dylan linked too. Some sort of incompatability, but I fixed it. Now I am the fool since I brought up a link to something that was posted. Oh well, I had good intentions. I really like the BTN game breakdowns even if the announcer is 2 minutes ahead of the highlights. Almost makes up for not being able to see games. But not quite.

  • Hahaha. No you made no mistake. I just added the video. :-). I’m going to start posting them with the recaps from now on.