Purdue Game Time and TV Set

Dylan Burkhardt

The Big Ten announced today that the Purdue game will be Sunday March 9th at 4pm on CBS. Hooray for more national exposure. Could be a great way to finish the season against a very good, but not invincible, Purdue team. The stakes will be high as Purdue will probably be playing for a share of the Big Ten title.

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  • BenAA

    I bought two tix today. Section 57 :/

  • Giddings

    Great news. Let’s hope that marketing really makes a push to sell this game out like the OSU game. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing lots of black from the “Paint Crew”, unfortunately.

  • BenAA

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if Michigan only sold a proportional amount of tickets to visitors. This would be impossible to implement. But, I am sick of our home games getting crashed.

  • matt

    ^We dont have enough of our fans buying the tickets, that the problem.

    Also, glad the gam’s on SUnday, because Im busy all day Saturday and did not want to miss our final regular season game of the year.