Links & Notes 2-24-2008

Dylan Burkhardt
  • One more visitor from yesterday: 2009 combo guard Colt Ryan (09 Hot Board here) From Ryan’s last game: “Batesville’s 6’4″ Junior All-State lock at guard, was held to eight in the first three quarters and finished with 14 points, concerning himself mainly with ball security and distribution.”
  • Lacy on Jalen Rose and the game.
  • Snyder: “Harris’ 14 points lead Wolverines
  • Prep Spotlight has the latest on 2009 shooting guard Alex Marcotullio (PrepSpotlight is well worth the subscription for any fan of midwest hoops and recruiting)
  • Darius Morris scores 22 points in playoff win for Windward with Denzel Washington in attendance. (Check the link for a couple quick video highlights of Morris)
  • Also it was really interesting watching the PSL kids (CDR and Ramar) play in that Memphis/Tennessee game. There were certainly knocks on both of those kids that led to UM/MSU not recruiting them but it shows that the PSL will produce talent year in and year out. An all-PSL team from around the country would look like: Tajuan Porter, Manny Harris, CDR, Malik, and Joe & Jordan Crawford just to name a few.

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  • tom

    does anybody know the status of K’len Morris? has he left school yet, and/or has he transferred to aonther school?

  • From what I understand he is still in school at least for the semester. And then maybe he will land somewhere else. Hope the kid lands on his feet. Also I have heard that Jerret is done with basketball and is still in school @UM as well.

  • Steve

    I have a feeling that Jerret was the kind of kid that had to be bugged to go to practice by his parents. Don’t think his heart was ever in College hoops.

  • I get the feeling you’re right. Not a bad kid, but his heart wasn’t in it. I think that much is pretty clear. Not saying he didn’t play hard when he was on the court during games but, I think we can take a guess at why he never lost those extra lbs.

  • UMbballDC

    While I certainly don’t wish anything bad for the kids that have left (or been let go), I think it is all for the best. We’ve needed to change the culture surrounding the basketball team for some time now and they are just part of that change.

    I thought I heard that K’len was transferring to a school near where his parents moved; down south if I recall. It was posted on mgoblog back when it happened.

  • AC

    I still don’t understand the K’len Morris situation. You would have thought he was a PERFECT fit for Beilein’s offense. A jump shooting wing!! I don’t know the outside circumstances that caused him to leave the team, but the fact that he is still in school makes me wonder why he didn’t just stick it out for the season and then go somewhere else.

  • Bluebufoon

    Any chance Michigan shows interest in Klay Thompson if Tony Bennett is hired away from
    Washington State, possibly by Indiana ??

  • Michigan recruited Klay HARD in the summer and finished second so I am certain they would. He would be a great fit on the wing.

  • BenAA

    His LOI shouldn’t be a problem if there is a coach change. And, Klay did enjoy his visit back in Sept.

    Bluebufoon, very interesting observation.

  • tom

    does anybody know the status of K'len Morris? has he left school yet, and/or has he transferred to aonther school?