Game 25: Illinois @ Michigan: Pregame

Dylan Burkhardt

DeShawn Sims and Sean Pruitt Battle for a ReboundThe first game in Illinois was ugly, Michigan shot less than 40% and Illinois shot 52%. The two people who killed Michigan were Randle and Pruitt. Randle had 19 and 10 in only 28 minutes and on 7-9 shooting, the fact that he is out tonight is huge for Michigan. With Randle being out it looks like neutralizing Pruitt should be enough to win the game because Illinois is so short on weapons. Then again shooting 35% again certainly won’t help, this team has had some painful shooting games.

The Wolverines have played better at home of late with the big wins over PSU and OSU and on paper Illinois looks like a game they should win. Illinois has been nose diving of late and has lost five of their last six. Michigan also got virtually nothing from Manny in the first game so hopefully a better effort there will help as well.

The Jalen Rose festivities should be fun and we all know that Jalen will be Jalen when he’s out there talking at halftime. Don’t forget to get there early for a Jalen Rose Day t-shirt as well. And in honor of Jalen, I’m putting together a couple Fab Five video mixes that will be up in the next week.

UMHoops Prediction: Michigan 67-Illinois 64

Links of note:

  • Jalen Rose and DeShawn Sims friendship grew this summer.
  • CJ Lee embraces new role for the Wolverines.
  • Jalen Rose on WTKA yesterday talking about Fab Five, ceremony, and more.
  • Stuart Douglass was lights out last night on 10 of 16 shooting for 25 points.
  • Cronin and the Black Knights got another victory (Video, click ‘Watch the Story’) in the state playoffs. Cronin had 15 points and 12 boards and says he wants to finally play Proctor in the next round (Proctor has beat the Knights many times in a row).
  • Split the hot board into two parts and updated the 09 information. View them here:  2008 Hotboard and 2009 Hotboard.
  • Kyle Cassity video here.

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  • matt

    76-63 UM

  • Steve

    Gotta go with Big Blue today. Randle out will be too much for Illinois to overcome. I thought the offense ran smoothly for the most part on Thursday. I think the guys get “jumpy” when they get down a couple buckets, and force some questionable shots.

    Michigan 67
    Illinois 58

  • UMbballDC

    Let’s go Blue!! I’m feeling a victory today.

    UM 71-65

  • NVE

    Everything back to ‘normal’ as we return to our winning ways with an emphatic victory over the weakened Illini. Manny plays his best game of the season.

    U-M 78
    Illinois 62

  • Ron

    Nice preview of the game today. Hard to tell which Illini team shows up each game this season. Sometimes we just have trouble scoring this year. You might see us play four guards this game, with Randle out for the season.

  • matt

    Hot Board is amazing. Very, very nice work!

  • BenAA

    See you guys at the game.

  • matt

    We really need to come out strong in the second half.

  • matt

    woot-woot, 49-43

  • UMbballDC

    That was an ugly game, but a win is a win.