Recruiting Updates (Watts, Morgan, Douglass, Person)

Dylan Burkhardt

Justin Watts’ Durham Jordan team was upset in the first round of the North Carolina state playoffs. Watts had 22 points in the loss, both Watts and Ebuka’s seasons are over so their recruitments should start to pick up steam.

Jordan MorganSome updates on Jordan Morgan’s season as well. Jordan was named to the All-Catholic team, which is the highest honor in the CHSL. U of D got bounced in the first round from the CHSL playoffs but added in a couple extra games versus Detroit City, Grosse Pointe North, and Detroit Western (Thursday @ 6pm @U-D). U of D won the games against Detroit City and Grosse Pointe North. Jordan put up a great game against GPN, scoring 24 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in a 66-54 win. U of D’s first round of districts will be at Mumford High versus Detroit Pershing on Wednesday 2/27 at 4pm. Jordan will be in the house Saturday for Jalen Rose night versus Illinois as well.

Stuart Douglass’ Carmel team fell for the 2nd time this season with a loss to state power Lafayette Central Catholic.

Carmel (17-2) tied the game in the fourth quarter on a three-pointer from Stuart Douglass, but could never regain the lead. Instead, the Knights scored 37 points in the final period to preserve the win.

Here is a little fluff piece on Stuart Douglass and the Carmel Greyhounds capturing their first Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference championship. Carmel coach Galloway had this to say on Stu:

It didn’t take long for senior Stuart Douglass to find his mark Friday night. The University of Michigan recruit made four 3-pointers in the first quarter.

When he comes off of screens and he squares his shoulders and gets his feet set, I think he’s one of the best shooters around,” Galloway said.

Corey Person, a probable preferred walk-on from Kalamazoo Central (via the Kalamazoo Promise) Had a monster game this last weekend scoring 21 points, 15 rebounds and dishing out nine assists against Loy Norrix. Person is reportedly a good student, leader and ball player and will be a great addition next year.

  • old fan

    This was a huge surprise to have Douglass’s Carmel team lose to Lafayette Central Catholic.

    Carmel was the presumed top team in the state a week ago. Lafayette Central Catholic has an enrollment of 227 (as compared to Carmel’s 4,082).

    LCC is a good small school but was 15-5 playing in the smallest division in the state. They are only a state power in regards to the other small (read less than 500 total students) in the state. They have played ok but lost to the good larger schools they have played against.

    Douglass was 3-10 with 9 points. Ouch. I still have hope for him and one game isn’t that important. Still surprising.

  • old fan

    More information about the Carmel – LCC game

  • Yea, looks like a rough loss, maybe they are getting it out of their system before the playoffs :-).

    Stu seems like he is definetely streaky at this point, has his games, but has his 3-11 games too.

  • George

    So does this mean that these 2008 recruits will be visiting the campus soon? When will the offers go out for the 2008 targets? I am very anxious in getting these targets committed.

  • Beilein has said that he is going to want to get recruits on campus before he offers them and is not going to rush.

    We will likely take one more player in 08 to go along with Stu and Cronin. However we could take two but that would leave us with only 2 scholarships for 2009 (one of which is filled by Jordan Morgan).

  • George

    Thanks, do you have the scoop on who is the top choice for the remaining offer for 2008?

  • Nope, at this point it seems like it is pretty much in the air and Beilein&Staff are doing a good job fully evaluating everyone.

  • George

    I was looking tat the roster for UM and they have players that are not listed on the scholarship breakdown like Block, Burak, Lee and Puls. Is there any chance that they might get the 08 scholarship money? and these 08 targets would not be considered

  • The Oracle

    I can’t see that happening.

  • CJ Lee was added onto scholarship this year as well as next. It does not have much effect on the scholarship break down because Michigan could not offer the last ‘ship for 08 anyways because Morgan is holding it for 09.

  • George

    I am confused.. none of this is clear.. I will give up on this recruiting and not get excited about bringing anyone in.. looks like another losing year for Michigan if you ask me.. When will we get some recruits.. I don’t plan to blog here anymore..

  • Michigan is likely to bring in one more kid next year to go along with Stuart Douglass (6-3 shooting guard from IN) and Ben Cronin (7-1 center from NY).

    The candidates for that spot are
    Novak and others.

    Beilein has not offered any scholarships yet and is evaluating them all further.

  • Nope, at this point it seems like it is pretty much in the air and Beilein&Staff are doing a good job fully evaluating everyone.