Merritt Done For Season

Dylan Burkhardt

Dave MerrittDavid Merritt got the results back from his knee injury and his best game in a Michigan uniform might be his last. U-M announced today that Merritt is done for the season and will get surgery on his medial meniscus on Wednesday afternoon.

“We feel just terrible about what has happened to David,” said Beilein. “He brought such a strong effort and other immeasurable intangibles to our team every day in practice and in games. His overall stats are not even close to what David means to this team. He is just a wonderful leader both on and off the court. The way he played against Ohio State was a testament to what he means to this team. He kept us in that game and that will not soon be forgotten.”

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  • NVE

    You do feel really bad for the kid because he just played his last high level, competitive basketball game. He is a senior, right?

    That said, this is the one position where we have ‘depth’ on the current roster with Grady and CJ Lee ready to absorb Merrit’s minutes.

  • BenAA

    Merritt was a walk-on senior.

    I loved his gutsy performance on Sunday- After he missed that gimme layup.

  • Merritt is a walk-on senior who has 2 years of eligibility left if I am not mistaken. However that type of situation is not guaranteed and probably up in the air at this point.

  • RB

    Too bad for the kid. Wish him well on his recovery.