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Dylan Burkhardt

Here is another video of Quincy Roberts. There is a huge (sad) story behind Quincy Roberts, and I am not going to share all of what I have heard. However there is a chance that Michigan lands this kid, it’s just a VERY small chance in my opinion. Also, ignore the part about Miami, that scholarship offer isn’t on the table anymore. The kid is a player and he could contribute (start?) from day 1. One other encouraging note, I continue to hear GREAT things about Laval Lucas-Perry in practice.

[myspace 2038983131 Quincy Roberts Highlight Film]

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  • matt

    I am very much intrigued by the Quincey Roberts story. If you wish to email it to me, I would appreciate it. If not, no biggie.

  • jamal

    yo i know him and hes not as good as you guys think. I know his dad died and that was messed up. But his work ethic sucks and he literally thinks hes an all american. He consistently air balls at least once every game and i am not lying. Another thing he would shoot in 3 peoples faces without hesitation and airball. All coach smallwood would say is man their holding him or man theyre fouling him. Coach smallwood never yells at him. There was a whole bunch of times he would suck up to quinny. He thinks hes got it made but youll know once you get him that he isnt that good. Oh yeah and trust me his defense sucks.

  • jamal

    oh yeah and why do you think miami dropped him because they know hes not good for the colegiate level. He airballed twice when he was on tv and was 3 for 14. And all he does is stay outside. Hell go inside maybe 1 out of 4 times.

  • man stop hatin on my cousin