Mason Plumlee Gets an Offer

Dylan Burkhardt

Mason Plumlee2009 big man Mason Plumlee landed a big time offer recently ($$) from Duke. This is clearly not good for Michigan’s chances at Plumlee but there is still a sincere interest in Michigan. Plumlee and (especially) his family love Coach Beilein and have visited multiple times (once family, once everyone). I suspect big time offers like this will continue to pile up for Plumlee and Michigan’s chances will continue to decline.

And just to pain all of us, a video of Brad Redford for what could have been:

[youtube Oxc09r04pJI Brad Redford Bombs Away]

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  • matt

    It was Duke that offfered him.

  • Dylan

    Was trying to refrain from posting premium info but it’s probably out there by now.

  • matt

    It was on the heading for the scout website, readable by all.

  • Dylan

    Thanks for the headsup. I added it in there.