Jalen is Coming Home

Dylan Burkhardt

Jalen RoseThere was talk of Jalen Rose being around practice this summer and actually filming a video. Well now it is announced that Jalen will be honored during pre-game and half time of the Illinois game on February 23rd.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to come back to Ann Arbor for this event,” Rose said in a statement. “As a Detroit native, I was bred to bleed Maize and Blue, and having the opportunity to attend the university, be a part of the Michigan family and contribute to the many accomplishments of the Fab Five, was the experience of a lifetime. I am humbled and honored to be acknowledged in this manner.”

At least there are some good halftime shows coming up, rumor had it that Rich Rodriguez would address the crowd for the Ohio State game as well.  It’s great to see Jalen back in Ann Arbor and getting involved.

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  • RB

    Great news. They should welcome everybody back and just bury the hatchet. They were young kids who made some bad decisions. Welcoming them back into the Michigan community is the right thing to do. Not to mention it might help with recruiting.

    I always found it odd that we celebrate the ’89 championship team, but condemn the ’92 team. As if the shadiness that was occured in ’92 wasn’t going on 3 years earlier.