New Recruit?

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is a hint on the new recruit. He is a 2g/wing from Pennsylvania and is a 3 star. There are some questions about him that have to be resolved and I want to do some more digging before I put his name out there.

Also one other thing, we are probably going to live blog the Iowa game and anyone who participates in the discussion during the game will get entered in a random drawing for Michigan/Illinois tickets (2/23).

  • joe s

    Is the player tyreke evans???? probably not but he would be nasty

  • Dylan

    No. He’s not a top150 kid, but looks pretty good on film. Scrappy 6-5 wing/sg.

  • joe s

    nice i like that JB is getting on it trying to bring in some ballers

  • George

    Is the player Brian Walsh?

  • Dylan