IU Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

Just a couple quick hitters.

  • Ron Coleman’s went down with what looked like a bad ankle injury. Don’t expect him back right away. Shepherd will probably start in Evanston on Saturday.
  • Team got TONS of open looks in the first half and couldn’t hit a damn thing.
  • Eric Gordon put on a show, kid is the truth, unlimited range and a bouncy athlete.
  • DJ White exploited Michigan’s soft rebounding all night long.
  • Even with all this we were down 5 right into the 2nd half before the lead ballooned to 20+
  • Rough loss, don’t know what to expect, we were missing shots that just have to go in. Division 1 high-major basketball teams make those shots.
  • Crowd was weak and they are only going to get weaker.
  • IU and MSU have to be the class of the Big Ten, from what I see Wisconsin and OSU are not on that level or even that close to it.
  • Our opponents are shooting 42% from three on the year. Outrageous, terrible defense of the three point shot.
  • Looking at the box score Michigan was out rebounded 51-33. DeShawn Sims was 3-5 on 3 pointers and 1-8 on 2 pointers. The missed bunny shots were really bad for Peedi today he missed a break away dunk as well as many other layups to go along with his 5 turnovers.
  • Right now the only player on this team playing quality basketball is Manny Harris. I think if he can develop his 3 point shot to be serviceable this summer (and I think he has the work ethic to do it) he will be a stud in the BigTen. Kicking to Stu Douglass hopefully has better results than kicking it to Ron Coleman.

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  • RB

    This is getting ugly. Officially the worst UM team I have ever seen. The Leon Jones/Chris Young/Gavin Groneger/Josh Aselin teams of the early 2000’s look like powerhouses now.

    Speaking of those early 2000’s teams. Does anyone know what ever happened to Dominic Ingerson. One of my favorite Amaker era moments was a loose ball rolling to Ingerson at the top of the key, and in one motion, him picking up the ball off the floor and pulling a 3. That dude’s shot selection was hillarious.

  • Dylan

    Dunno if the team is THAT bad yet. At least these kids play hard and are trying and theres a glimmer of hope I still think.

    Ingerson transferred somewhere out in Cali. I want to say USF. Not sure what happened to him after.

    Our SOS is now up to 9th. Geez.

  • Dylan

    Also a little harsh to call Ingerson the “Amaker era” when he was a Elerbee kid all the way. Didn’t last long in the Tommy regime IIRC.

  • RB

    Ingerson would have had a field day jacking up 3’s for Coach B.

    Oh the memories…
    – Avery Queen, the only 5’5″ inch point guard that couldn’t beat anyone off the dribble.
    – Josh Moore, the only 7’2″ center that couldn’t dunk.
    – Mike Gotfriedson (sp?) starting the shining tradition of UM walk on point guards. Never scored a 2 in his career (either 3’s or free throws).
    – Lavell Blanchard going from #1 overall prospect to a one dimensional jump shooter (I blame his coach).
    – Brent Petway embarassing the entire school with his antics in the slam dunk contest.

    Go Blue