UCLA Thoughts

Dylan Burkhardt

I really have mixed feelings on the UCLA game yesterday. Sorry I couldn’t get anything up earlier, I was up at the Palace watching MSU and Oakland’s games. Mostly I think the UCLA game proved that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A few thoughts on the game.

First, it was a great defensive effort until the last 10 minutes or so. We were playing with and beating a top 10 team. Once UCLA started coming back this team folded somewhat, but the thing here is that this team is so young that they don’t know how to close out games. UCLA has been to two straight Final Fours and just flat out knows how to win close games.

DeShawn had a great fist half, although in the first half it seemed like we were just jacking up whatever three we could, there were some terrible shots. Then they started going in and we were up three at the half. The crowd at Crisler was electric until UCLA tied. I was disappointed that the fans just died when UCLA tied the game. Thats the time when the fans have to be the most into it and give their team a lift.

What this game proves to me is that we have a chance to play with just about anyone at home but we also have a chance to lose to just about anyone. It’s going to be a long season but I think the development of this team. Never want to say theres such thing as a good loss, but this one didn’t hurt as much as some others.

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  • RB

    The UCLA gave us a small taste of how exciting Michigan Basketball could be. It has been a while since I remember that much electricity at Chrisler.

    We’re improving on some things for sure. But still have some major issues on D. One player in particular doesn’t even pretend like he’s trying on that end of the floor. Even in the zone he was out of position numerous times. JB wasn’t very happy with that.

    I think I noticed JB slipped into a 2-3 a couple of times. I like that.

    Don’t really understand the substitution pattern for that game. Seemed excessive, especially with all the stoppages in play. Wonder what the reasoning was behind that. Didn’t allow anyone to get into a rythem. I love Udoh… don’t understand why he can’t get onto the floor for more than a couple minutes at a time.

    On offense, it seems like the team has forgotten how to make crisp aggressive back door cuts. Earlier in the year they were making much better cuts and even if it didn’t result in a layup, it at least alleviated some pressure and promoted more movement in the offense. Right now, even when they are making those cuts, they are not with the intention of potentially getting a basket (which pretty much makes them useless if the D doesn’t have to honor them)

    Is Grady in the doghouse right now?

    Love is a beast down low.

    Did you notice Sims had his shorts on backwards at the beginning of the game. I think that is when he scored all of his points.

    Almost the perfect UM basketball afternoon with the Maestro leading the band, Quick Change rockin the halftime show, and a near upset of a top ten team. Despite our record right now, I am still excited to watch the rest of the season.