LLP to Michigan; K'Len Morris to leave the program

Dylan Burkhardt

Laval Lucas-Perry is officially a Wolverine. This is a great get for Beilein, Perry is a combo gurad who will help shore up the back court depth. It may even allow Manny to slide out to the three next year. The reports on LLP are somewhat mixed but from what I gather he is definetely tough and is a good penetrator. UM has been so dry of played with ability to get in the lane that this is a big positive. His shooting seems to get mixed reviews, but I am sure Beilein will improve on that. The word is also that LLP has grown a little bit too which is definetly a good thing. This is a gift that fell into Michigan’s lap and Beilein did a good job to secure it.

K’Len Morris has decided to leave the program. I heard whispers about this last week and tried to hint at it last night but K’Len is going his own way. I am sure K’Len didn’t like the losing but I think this transfer boils down to two main reasons. First, not feeling like he was getting a good enough chance to shine and feeling like he is better than he was playing or better than the amount of playing time he was getting. Second, the official stated reason for his transfer, his family got relocated to Tennessee and K’Len wants to be close to his family. Best of luck to K’Len wherever he ends up.

Finally, the rumors about Manny continue to swirl. I still say BS. Manny will play his entire career at the University of Michigan. If he wanted to go to Tennessee he would have done it when he had the chance to (without sitting out a year) last spring.  Will have a UCLA game preview tommorrow or Friday.

  • joe s

    is llp going to be a sophmore eligability or freshmen????

  • Dylan

    LLP is petitioning the NCAA about getting eligibility for this year back.

    If he doesn’t win his petition then he will be a Sophomore next year. So he would be able to play 2.5 years at Michigan. This is because he has to sit a year and you can not use a redshirt over the course of 2 seasons (winter of this season and fall of next season). If he wins his petition he would have 3.5 years to play.

  • RB

    Great news on 2 fronts. Adding a solid guard and freeing up a scholarship for next year. We could definately use that. What is the latest on Legion? I say bring him in for next year. Risk the chemistry issues, we need talent right now.

  • Dylan

    The latest on Legion: Forget about it. Seems that its going to be Notre Dame. I wrote about this in my last entry I think. Too many obstacles preventing that one from happening.

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