Hello Rich Rodriguez… and Terrelle Pryor?

Dylan Burkhardt

Terrelle PryorGreat day for Michigan fans, we finally got our coach. I think he’ll be a good one. From a basketball stand point the Terrelle Pryor situation becomes one to watch. Kid is an animal at the wing and a great slasher. Football would be his number one sport, not letting him play ball until January but still the kid is a top 25 hoops prospect. The hole on the roster at the wing is so huge that this could be a gift falling into Beilein’s lap. This will definetely be a developing story over the coming days and weeks.

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  • Pryor would be huge for the transition to the new offense and word is he may bring o few Buckeye commitments wiht him….GO BLUE

  • Goblue97

    Oh Lordy Lordy… We sure as hell dodged a bullet on this one! ¬†Hindsight is 20-20. ¬†O.o