Another devastating loss

Dylan Burkhardt

Program is already in pretty bad shape, so I am not sure how much this does any more damage. We are what we are at this point. A team who’s two best players are freshman, and third best player is an inconsistent forward with a poor handle. The refs were absolutely terrible as you can see here. But this wasn’t what killed us in my opinion. The game slipped away a few plays after the shot clock no call. Ronnie had a WIDE open look from three (when we are down 4) and misses it. He has to make this shot. Giordan Watson comes down and drains a three, we don’t score, Watson hits a floater… 9pt game and it didn’t get close again til Dion Harris er Ekpe Udoh misses the front end of the 1 and 1.

A lot of people are wondering about why Manny didn’t play and saying we need Legion. I tend to disagree.

Beilein is not going to bend his ways just to get a couple wins. I think this much is pretty clear. I think that instilling his ways and beliefs in the program is important though.

#1. Manny – Yes Manny is our best player, but if the coach is telling to stop driving into the lane, NBA iso style, and throwing up a bad shot when the calls aren’t coming… You have to not do it. And when you do it three times in a row… You need a little discipline, it might have been a little too much but it will only make him better. So who did Beilein play? The two kids who work hardest in practice…

#2. Legion – Would Legion provide some talent in the short run? Yes. Is Legion likely to cause huge problems in the future that would be damaging to this team? Yes. Did Legion have his chance to come here more than one time? Yes. Does the current team want him? No.

Two other things that kills me. DeShawn sleeping on inbounds passes is just terrible. Never seen someone get beat as many times as him on those plays: off his back, in front of his face, fouls, come on. Second Beilein putting in the entire bench at one time, a line up of CJ, Merritt, Shepherd, K’Len and Gibson is never going to score.

This year was never going to be fun, not with Tommy, not with Legion. We certainly shouldn’t lose to teams like Harvard, Central but its a young team who is NOT picking up the system well. Basketball IQ on this team just isn’t getting it done. Have to think the only way to go is up…

  • brainsmasher

    Nice blog, going to be painful this winter watching this team. Maybe Comcast is doing me a favor by not picking up the BTN yet.

  • RB

    I give JB credit for the commitment he has for his system. He’s is obviously willing to sacrifice some early games for the long term benefit of his team (hopefully).

    I’m not sure if I have faith in his philosophies though. We heard all the pub about him stressing fundamentals, but the defensive and rebounding fundamentals are extremely bad right now. I think some of his players are using the 1-3-1 as an excuse not to concentrate on D. I saw some players saturday that seemed to play the entire game without getting in a defensive stance one time.

    I’ll give JB the benefit of the doubt for now. Hopefully he can get these guys going soon.


  • Dylan

    The defense is definitely painful to watch at this point, and the rebounding is not much better, worse even. There are definitely some players who don’t focus on D, one of them certainly wears #34.

  • RB

    I didn’t want to mention names but I guess #34 isn’t technically a name.

    Seems whoever they put on the left wing in that zone is really struggling. As soon as ball is reversed it’s two easy dribbles into the gap and from there the defense is totally broken down.

    At this point it seems like a 2-3 would suit us better than a 1-3-1. I wonder if JB would throw that into the mix.